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I am the GradChef, the recipe expert, the chef, and the photographer behind this blog. I am a 
self-taught chef who loves to make quick and easy everyday meals and chronicle them. I am an avid food lover on a mission to help you make your culinary journey enjoyable.
To give you a little background, I was not a cooking enthusiast, to begin with. In fact, my tryst with cooking started when I moved to the United States for attending graduate school. Not only did I start cooking my own meals, I also began experimenting with food. Soon after, I started getting these rave reviews about my recipes and every time they would end up being the potluck favorites. This new found encouragement from friends and family pushed me to read up more about Indian and international cuisines. What started as a mere fling, gradually transformed into this larger than life romance eventually blooming into this blog in the year 2020.
They say what's in a name? but you know what I think? I think there is a story in a name. So that's my story behind The Gradchef, a regular grad student finding her way through her kitchen. Having started as a grad student, I was limited by time and resources, which often led me to improvise and cook smart with minimum ingredients. Although today I am far from those days, that minimalist style kind of stayed with me which is why most of my recipes are quick and frugal. The recipes in this blog are a collection of hand-me-down heirloom recipes and carefully curated recipes from different parts of the world. All the recipes have been tried and tested several times before they made their way into the blog. I am skeptical of complicated recipes and over the top ingredients, so you probably would never see me do a 'beluga caviar' or a 'hop asparagus' here. My main goal is to make cooking more accessible and less intimidating. I want you to feel excited about cooking and experience the joy of home-cooked food. I hope you have a great time reading and trying out my recipes. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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